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ScanImage is an open-source software application for laser scanning microscopy , electrophysiology, laser scanning photostimulation, and other physiological methods focused on neurobiology. The software has been previously developed at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Northwestern University, and Janelia Research. scanimage is a command-line interface to control image acquisition devices such as flatbed scanners or cameras. After command-line processing, scanimage normally proceeds to acquire an image. scanimage accesses image acquisition devices through the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy. Adjust the scan settings using scanimage. The scanimage application is a command line only application that uses the first scanner found and the scan setting defaults. The command initiates the scan and stores the image in a PXM or TIFF format. You can provide command line options to specify the scan settings.

ScanImage is an application for controlling a laser scanning microscope. The application was first released in and the original version (r) is described in Pologruto et al., Biomedical Engineering Online, 18 Jul To scan an image with scanimage, most scanning devices let you specify the x and y values, in pixels, for the image size to scan as arguments to the -x and -y options from the top-left corner of the scanner bed. Also give an argument to the --resolution option to specify the scan resolution. Scanner. ScanImage is imaging software for scanning microscopes developed by Karel Svoboda and coworkers (Pologruto et al, ) and judiciously maintained by members of the Svoboda lab, first at CSHL and then at Janelia Farms, HHMI. It is hard to over-estimate the influence of this software in the field of two-photon scanning.

ScanImage provides researchers exquisite control of their microscopes and animal behavioral apparatus, providing precise synchronization between neuronal activity imaging and behavior observations. The software automates two-photon laser scanning microscope image collection and allows animal behavioral data to. 17 May Here we present a software package called ScanImage for collection of laser- scanned images that functions at a high level without the need for elaborate custom hardware [14,15]. The key idea is to use fast data acquisition boards and CPU-based numeric computations to perform most of the tasks that are. ScanImage, written in Matlab, is designed to control resonant laser scanning microscopes – including two-photon microscopes – for neuroscience applications.


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