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Conception 2 opening song

In the game, Conception 2: Children of the seven stars; there are various songs included but not all were credited apart from Spicate-for it being the opening theme and theme song. For most of the songs included, they only appear during certain events throughout the game or through certain interactions. Such as with the. Is the main theme song in the game Conception 2: children of the seven stars. It's composed by Masato Kouda and the lyrics were written by MARIE. The title of the song is Spicate: 7 coloured celestial sphere; although is often refered as ' Conception 2's opening' or just 'Spicate'. This is the first song from the OST ( Original. Conception II OST - "If My Body Was Light ~ Boss Theme 2" (GAMERIP). Lyrics: I am a stalker, you're always being watched good products, I-S-H-I-R-I Just wanna hustle, this should be so delicious Y-R-D-A-R-E, T-A-R-E-R-U There's a lot of fighting, T-A-R-T-E also, Want you to show me show me off to everybody else It's .

2 Jul Listen to songs from the album Conception 2 Children of the Seven Stars ( Original Soundtrack), including "Spicate - Celestial Globe of the Rainbow Color ( Japanese Long Ver.) [feat. Phantasmagoric]", "Introduction", "Harvest Code (feat. Phantasmagoric)", and many more. Buy the album for $ Songs. 6 Nov Download Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars soundtracks to your PC in MP3 format. Free Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars soundtracks, Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars MP3 downloads. Browse our great selection of Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars music. Unlimitted. I actually liked the tune of that song, for some reason. ClassicAmbiance posted When is Feene's theme going to put on youtube:(If I ever have time to get around to it, I'll probably make an attempt to rip all of the soundtracks from the game. Though since there's no music player in-game, it'll be a pretty.

Archemetes 3 years ago#6. Lol, actually, i liked it. Even finished smtIV, nvr finished persona 3 tho, psp got stolen. Read the ending n was sort of glad i didnt finish it. Too sad. For conception, i only hate that song, the other songs r pretty good, just sort of repetitive coz i hear the same songs even when im at 2. 21 Oct Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we'll be getting a full soundtrack release for Conception II. The game didn't exactly sell well, and it's been out for more than a year now in Japan with no signs of a full soundtrack. However, for fans of Kouda's style, a full soundtrack is available for the first Conception, and.


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