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Line follower robot pdf

Line. Follower. Robot. Robotics Workshop. Currents 15 th march EEE Department. NIT Trichy. Developed By: Mayur Agarwal. Prashant Agrawal. Krishna Nand Gupta. Hitesh Meghani. 17 Dec Introduction. For my final project, I decided to make a line-follower robot. This simple robot is designed to be able to follow a black line on the ground without getting off the line too much. The robot has two sensors installed underneath the front part of the body, and two DC motors drive wheels moving. 7 Mar Project: Line Following Robot. Due: 13th March Module Leaders: Dr Esther Perea, Dr Kristel Fobelets. Supervisor: Dr András György. Group Members: David Anderle (CID ). Simone Bertaiola (CID ). Chenglei Li(CID ). Fu Yee Kwan (CID ). Ivan Ong (CID.

18 Dec This paper presents the development of a line follower wheeled mobile robot. In this project, LM3S which is ARM cortex-3 based microcontroller is chosen as the main controller to react towards the data received from infra-red line sensors to give fast, smooth, accurate and safe movement in partially. 19 Dec The Line follower robot is a mobile machine that can detect and follow the line drawn on the floor. Generally, the path is predefined and can be either visible like a black line on a white surface with a high contrasted color or it can be invisible like a magnetic field. Therefore, this kind of Robot should sense. Full-Text Paper (PDF): Technical report of building a line follower robot.

Page 1 of Designing and Building a Line Following Robot. Richard T. Vannoy II, M.S.I.T., B.S.E.E.T.. [email protected] Building a Line Following Robot. As a programming teacher, I frequently adopt the attitude of "Come inside a programmer's brain!" I can then explain the concept or source code as I would if I did. ABSTRACT. Line follower robot is a robo car that can follow a path. The path can be visible like a black line on the white surface (or vice-verse). It is an integrated design from the knowledge of Mechanical, Electrical and. Computer engineering. This paper presents a gm weight of a 9W LDR sensor based line follower. Why build a line follower? Sensing a line and maneuvering the robot to stay on course, while constantly correcting wrong moves using feedback mechanism forms a simple yet effective closed loop system. As a programmer you get an opportunity to 'teach' the robot how to follow the line thus giving it a human-like property.


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