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Patrician 3 trade routes

Automatic trading is one of the most important features of Patrician 3. It requires a lot of planning but it works wonders when set up properly, allowing for the movement of vast quantities of goods without intervention. It involves a combination of transporting goods between warehouses (using. Manual trading will not get you very far, auto-trade is the key to playing Patrician 3. Combining office administrators with fleets of ships that transport goods according to your orders will allow you to manage hundreds of ships and multiple trading offices simultaneously. 28 Sep Patrician 3 Trade Routes. Route #1. Lubeck: Buy Max Iron Goods Sell Pig Iron Sell Beer Sell Cloth Rostock: Sell Iron Goods Sell Beer Sell Cloth Stettin: Buy Beer Sell Iron Goods Sell Cloth Gdanks: Buy Beer Sell Iron Goods Sell Cloth Malmo.

25 Jun A Guide to Trading in Patrician III For trade route concerns it's best to focus your ship in either the Eastern or Western seas. And since we have a stockpile of iron goods we needn't concern ourselves with buy from the town, so we click the button next to iron goods 3 times to bring us to a second blue. 3 Dec P3 or P4? I prefer P3 because it is more balanced, in P4 for instance, you can continue building brickworks and wood mills to build houses, for these production buildings you need workers, who need houses to live in, so you need more production buildings. About automatic trade routes, I forgot if there is. Hi all I've noticed that on a couple of occasions, one of my autotrading ships will arrive in a port and stop, with the the autotrading button unticked. When I click the button, the tick just flashes but does not actually activate. I have to manually unload and load the ship before I can reactivate the trade route. Ideas?? Stupot.

You'll need a holk, and two crayers, all with minimum crew and a captain with trade skills of 4+. . Therefore, you must tell every automatic route to the town not to load the goods you want to do arbitrage with (this is nothing to tell the administrator, what you might 3. crayer loads from store (a in hulk, b in crayers). So I found Patrician 3 second hand in a games shop, and I had recently read a review praising it highly on gamespot. It sounded right up my street so I . Automatic trade routes - You need a captain in your ship, then press the gold scales icon to set the cities/goods auto trading stuff. I still haven't figured out. Patrician seriesPatrician 3 - Some beginners tips (10 posts)(10 posts) . 3. avatar . Eawyne. avatar. DrIstvaan: Hi! Here (and in the post coming after that) are some trading tips I gave for a fellow player some time ago .. About auto- trade routes: it's possible to set them up, but that requires a captain.


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