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Try specifying encoding: null when making the request so that the response body is a Buffer that you can directly write to the response stream: ("/google/ logo", function(req, res) { var requestSettings = { url: ' images/srpr/', method: 'GET', encoding: null };. 5 Oct Detects image dimensions via request instead of native http / https, allowing for options and following redirects by default. It reduces network traffic by aborting requests as soon as image-size is able to obtain the image size. Since version it returns an ES6 native Promise that resolves with the. request = require 'request'. http = require 'http'. fs = require 'fs'. unirest = require ' unirest'. needle = require 'needle'. bhttp = require 'bhttp'. url = 'http://raw. '. # request. {url: url, encoding: 'binary'}, (err, res) ->. if not err and Code is

statusCode) // (s['content-type']) // 'image/png' }). pipe(('')). To easily handle errors when streaming Launch the node process like NODE_DEBUG=request node script. js (lib,request,otherlib works too). Set require('request').debug = true at any time . Objective: Create node js http server accepting requests with a query parameter image containing the an image name, respond with the image specified in the query. Solution: Include http, url and fs node modules. Use http to create http server, url to parse the incoming request to get the image name, fs to read the image file. Image Server Delete. How it works. Your code intercepts the image being removed from the javascript editor. When an image is removed, a request is made to the server telling it to delete the image from disk. Once the request hits the server, it deletes the image. Jump to Complete Example.

Answered by Dietah on stackoverflow: To get the image in base64 I needed to include encoding: null. as an option on the request. Answer: https://stackoverflow. com/questions//dojo-request-a-png-image-array-buffer-using-nodejs- and-return-the-image-to-the/# I was looking to do a similar. 18 Mar In this tutorial we are going to take a look at how you can implement you own image-resiting API using , express and sharp. We are doing so by looking closely at Extracting Query-Parameter. But first, we need to extract the information how to resize and format our image from the request. For that. streams are awesome for these types of things, because they let you do all your manipulations in memory, without having to write an intermediate file to disk. If you aren't familiar with how streams work in Node, you should definitely check them out. Because an HTTP web request can also be a stream, you don't.


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