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Search iTunes:: FLY UNION. Yeah, sometimes I wish I had some wings so I can fly away. And all you haters talking shit, ya'll can die today · Uh, but I then think if I die today. Well if I got to go, make it right away. Yeah, cause I want to live dying · But if I got to go if I would rather die through trying[?] [Hook] We only just began. Yeah I'm here for the Long . Nigga I been gone. Out of my mind boy, go take ya Tylenol Took a shot of love with it, missing some alcohol. Life is so up and down, gotta find what is real "Y'all niggas so ill, why y'all ain't got a deal" Everywhere I go now, shaking hands,? Take a shot, a couple rounds, me and my niggas tryna get down. And they tell me that.

Forty whips and they all gone. Liquidating my assets. Vegan shorty got ass left. No matter how small her waist get. Bet she keep shit in her basement. I'm movin' in just to take a shit. When I leave try and replace me. I'm doin' math on my down time. It's adding up for the fourth time. My homeboy doin' fed time. That's no shine. Like That Lyrics: The greater than club has arrived / Tell them other niggas move to the side / Fly Union and Dom Kennedy don't be surprised / Nah don't be surprised, Baby / I feel like a million. One plus one is two, we make a cute couple damn. At my show that's And if you ask around they gonna say a lot of names. Home With Me Lyrics: I gotta get her home with me / So we should go / Gold bottle sipping, pour the rest on the flo' / I gotta get her home with me / Baby we should split / Before we got the key, she. Home With Me. Fly Union I'm gon' your girl inside my house, see if she rainstorm. But right now we standing, on the .

Flatline. Fly Union [Verse 1: Jayswifa (Fly Union)] We going hard, full throttle, drinking Henn out the bottle. Lamping out on Fairfax, and looking for a model. My niggas out here stunting, just keep Long as you love her. I don't judge 'em, I just can't trust 'em. My karma gone be a motherfucka', balling in Balmain muhfucka'. The latest Tweets from Fly Union (@FlyUnion). OHIO • Booking: Cara Lewis, CAA [email protected] + General inquires: Chea, [email protected] #TGTC. ÜT: ,


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