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With NumberSync, you can use your smartphone number on any compatible device. Texting with Android tablet requires use of the AT&T Messages app. NumberSync: Requires compatible device on eligible wireless plan & smartphone on AT&T postpaid wireless account & set up for HD Voice. Learn the answer to: What is NumberSync? Find more Wireless support on att. com. NumberSync is an AT&T service that allows some postpaid wireless customers to use one telephone number to send and receive calls and text messages across all of their supported devices, including smartwatches. The service, compared to Apple Continuity, is free of charge to AT&T subscribers.

14 Oct We're encumbered with more connected silicon than ever before, and having to juggle multiple phone numbers for wearables and bigger screens, well, really sucks. To that end, AT&T just announced NumberSync, a free service that links all your other connected AT&T gizmos (think 3G smartwatches or. 10 Dec iOS added support for AT&T's NumberSync feature, which is pretty cool because it lets you send and receive calls to your AT&T phone number on your iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch even when your iPhone is on a different Wi-Fi network or shut off. Setting it up takes a few steps, but don't worry b. We're thrilled to announce the launch of Vodafone NumberSync™, which allows you to sync up your smart watch with your Vodafone mobile number.

14 Oct While Apple's Continuity feature allows users to place calls and texts within its own ecosystem of products, AT&T plans to bring those same capabilities to a range of LTE-capable devices sharing the same phone number, regardless of platform, thanks to a new service called NumberSync. 14 Oct AT&T thinks it has a solution to this problem with its NumberSync service, which is being announced today and will roll out to devices later this year. NumberSync lets connected devices on your account, such as a tablet or watch, use the same phone number as your main line for making and receiving calls. 14 Oct Forget your phone at home? In the future, AT&T will let you send and receive texts and calls from your tablet or wearable with your AT&T number. Dubbed NumberSync, the service lets you link compatible devices to your primary mobile number. "We know you may not want a different phone number for your.


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