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Haikyuu season 2 ending

26 Mar You've got to give it up for Haikyuu – it always delivers what it promises. It's like the post office and an old reliable dog rolled into one. There are almost never any surprises with Haikyuu!, but coming in a week when we had another sports anime utterly destroy any credibility it had left after plus episodes. 26 Mar [–]AmethystItalian 99 points points points 2 years ago * (9 children). And so ends this fantastic season of Haikyuu, I didn't think any sports anime would top season 1 but this season was just fantastic. This wasn't a hype finale but it was still a great one. Season One Edit. Haikyū!! Original Soundtrack consists of two CDs that contain all soundtracks used in the anime series. The tracks are composed by Yûki Hayashi Haikyuu OST CD 2 Cover, 2, Haikyū!! Original Soundtrack Vol.2, December 17, , TBA. Romaji and English translations are unofficial. If any are incorrect.

2 May And here's another Haikyuu!! beatmap! One that couldn't be submitted until all my pending beatmaps were graveyarded e.e. Oh well! The ED song for Season 2, Hatsunetsu by Tacica, isn't my type of music, but it's Haikyuu!! and people love it so *^* Sorry for the crappy vid quality! e.e P.S. I think I gave up.


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