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Feb 27, Dear Readers Thank you for visiting this blog. This is to inform you that with the conclusion of the gospel of John, there will be no further sermon summaries. Rev Tong is still coming to Singapore to start the book of Romans, however it will no longer under STEMI banner, it will be done as pulpit preaching in. The Next Years: National Conference with Various Teachers. The same God who brought the Reformation in the sixteenth century is still at work today. His plan has not changed, and what He has purposed for His glory and our good will be accomplished. On March , , Ligonier Read More. Stephen Tong Tjong Eng is a Chinese Indonesian Reformed pastor, evangelist, teacher and musician. He heads the Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia, which houses the megachurch Messiah Cathedral, and is one of the largest Christian Reformed church facilities in Southeast Asia. He has preached in countries.

Nov 2, This Christmas sermon of Rev. Stephen Tong has always been refreshing everytime I watch it. Truly a classic! The clarity of the Gospel, the eloquence, the strong reasoning, the complexity, and at the same time the simplicity that reaches even simple people! It is in Chinese, but translated to English. Translation for 事奉者的災禍感, Chinese version published in the Momentum STEMI's Quarterly Bulletin 動力季刊 Vol No Note: The translation is not checked by Rev. Stephen Tong, and is not guaranteed of it's accuracy. Risk awareness is a very important concept in corporate management. When you are doing.


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