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There are two main widget toolkits competing in the Amiga world. ReAction which is the default GUI toolkit chosen for AmigaOS and for developing AmigaOS software, and MUI which is the default GUI toolkit chosen for MorphOS. AROS uses Zune toolkit which is an open. 13 May There seems to be a certain degree of confusion as regards the actual relation between ReAction and BOOPSI. It must BOOPSI is a general object-oriented programming framework while ReAction is a set of ready-made classes based on this framework. . Classes are, in fact, standard Amiga libraries. 12 Feb Not at the user level so please no flamming wars I decided I'll take some time to slowly learn one of the APIs and would like advice on advantages/disadvantages of both regarding: User ability to make your own Boopsi objects and mix them with Reaction/MUI's own ones. - Ability to modify Reaction/MUI's.

Amiga C Tutorial. Updated: 21 Oct This tutorial will help you to begin to understand how to write Amiga Programs using AmigaOS and Workbench. To create a GUI interface using Intuition, Gadtools or Reaction and use the features of AmigaOS to develop Amiga applications. Example code is included to help you. CTRL A jump cursor to the start of the text. CTRL H backspace or delete marked text. CTRL K delete from the character under the cursor to the end of the text. CTRL M return. CTRL W delete previous word. CTRL U delete from the character to the left of the cursor to the start of the text. CTRL X erases the text. 26 Aug On AROS 68k works ClassAct, so ClassAct is available on AROS? And as soon MOS is ported to another hardware this will not work anymore. So only secure cross-platform option for GUI is at the moment using MUI. And regarding number of applications At least on Aminet 68k applications with ReAction.

21 Apr I have been looking at OS/OS4 ReAction source code from several different programmers to get a base idea for my code. I came across this blog post: http:// on-programming. I agree with not using the macros as things could/will change down the road. Code: WindowBase. Is it possible to fix without a total rewrite? I guess Intuition should be mentioned here aswell.. In another thread I read about the limiting menu system of Amiga OS, which I gathered Intuition handles. Is this fixable with a new ReAction menu class? Also what is generally missing or wrong in AmigaOS4 GUI.


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