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You can display your clips and projects in the browser in two views: Filmstrip view: Displays the clips in the selected event as a connected series of thumbnail images. The longer each thumbnail’s duration, the fewer thumbnails each clip displays, and the more clips are displayed. To use your media to make a movie, you must first create a Final Cut Pro project. Final Cut Pro X: Open an existing project. If you don't see the Libraries sidebar, click the Libraries button in the top-left corner of the Final Cut Pro window (or press Command-1). The Libraries button. In the Libraries sidebar, select the event containing the project you want to open. Locate the project you want to open and.

Final Cut Pro X: Back up projects, events, and libraries. Backing up your work and your media consistently is an essential part of your workflow. Some people back up daily or weekly; others back up when a project is complete. To protect your media, it's recommended that you back up to a storage device or partition different. Mar 4, Projects. Outside of individual media clips, Projects are the lowest level structural item in Final Cut Pro X; it's what your final exported videos are made from. Projects contain data about resolution, frame rate, audio sample rate, and render format. Media contained within Events is placed strategically within a. This document covers the step-by-step process for starting a new Final Cut Pro X project on Mac OS X. Final Cut Pro is a full-featured video-editing suite and is only recommended for those familiar with video editing. For video editing beginners, the Digital Media Commons recommends starting out with iMovie or Adobe.

How to share and/or copy a Final Cut Pro X Project to an external hard drive. Liquid error: invalid integer · The 3D Perspective Final Cut X Plugin give you the pwer to manipulate your media in · BG Advanced Masking Tools is a Final Cut X Plugin that gives you complete control over · HD Light Leaks & Film Burns for Final.


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