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Minecraft nuclear test site download

Minecraft nuclear test site

you will spawn in a bomb proof house and need 2 flick a lever 2 test the new military bomb Additional Noteswen much lag just say then il remove some tnt or wen n ot much lag just ask me for add more D Download map now! The Minecraft Project, The Nuclear test site, was posted by extrafried hello title says it all. BUT i do not own this map but it is modified a little now theres a crater where the bomb blew up and some other things once again i DO NOT own this map theres just a couple different things to it i have no credit for this work Download map now!. 15 Feb If you like this and are interested in my stuff please Diamond Subscribe and or Favorite D Hey. In the past months I have been building many things. This was an idea I came up with when i saw this video at This video inspired me and gave me the idea. So we have the mushroom cloud a crater and a.

This is a Test site of the MINECRAFT NUKE map contains a bunker village and giant Nuke tower this is a world save not a schematic. WARNING THIS MAP WILL CRASH MINECRAFT IF NOT RUNNING ON A COMPUTER WITH AT LEAST 2GB GPU AND 16GB RAM. THE AMOUNT OF TNT IS Download map now!. New Nuclear Test map!!:D Gonna start getting a bit serious about my uploads now, not just scratchy maps, REAL maps!.


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