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Windows 8 pro rights

Feb 1, Microsoft released no fewer than four separate versions of Windows 8 into the wild. Which is right for your SMB? We explain the pros, cons, and key features of each. I have a Windows 8 Computer and I don't like the UI. I tried Win and still i did not like it. So i believe you can downgrade to Win7 pro for free but i am not sure if my computer is pro. I did a. Oct 24, The three Windows 8 versions. Windows 8 (for x86, Intel/AMD). Windows 8 Pro ( for x86, Intel/AMD). Windows RT (for ARM). But even though you get the desktop on Windows RT, you can't install desktop applications. It comes with ARM- specific versions of Office apps – but just Word, Excel, PowerPoint and.

Retail and OEM copies of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT can be upgraded through Windows Store free of charge. However, volume license customers, TechNet or MSDN subscribers and users of Windows 8 Enterprise must acquire standalone installation media for Windows and install through the. Mar 13, Thanks to downgrade rights, if you have acquired a later version of the software ( such as Windows 10 Pro) you can use an earlier version of the software (such as Windows Pro) until they are ready to migrate to a later version. If a product includes downgrade rights, the license terms for that product will. Jan 7, The Professional edition of Windows 8 comes with “downgrade rights.” If you're not happy with Windows 8 on a new computer, you can downgrade it to Windows 7 for free – as long as you have Windows 8 Pro.

Aug 23, What's changed in Microsoft's radical new license agreements for Windows 8? I' ve got full details about how you can transfer Windows to a new PC, downgrade rights, and who qualifies for upgrades. Nov 1, Between now and February 1, , Microsoft is offering upgrades to Windows 8 Pro, the full-featured edition whose Windows 7 equivalent typically costs $ ( Upgrades to the less expensive base version of Windows 8 are not available at all right now, and won't be available until these initial promotional. Aug 31, Microsoft will allow users of Windows 8 Pro to downgrade their new PCs to Windows 7 or even Vista, according to the operating system's licensing agreement. Not surprisingly, users may not downgrade to the still-used-but-slated -for-retirement Windows XP. Downgrade rights -- which let customers replace.


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