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Brothers conflict passion pink english version download

Brothers conflict passion pink english version

: Brothers Conflict Passion Pink [Regular Edition] [Japan Import]: Health & Personal Care. Aug 10, Translation. Ema: (We're in Kichijouji, an area in Musashino. Holding the map, I walk along an unfamiliar street) Juli: Are you nervous, Chii? Ema: A little. Juli: It's alright. You're meeting your new brothers, after all. Ema: (The squirrel on my shoulder is Juli. We've been together since I was young, and he's. Aug 10, Translation. Mahoko: Oh, she's here! Hina, good morning! Ema: Maho-chan, good morning. Ema: (This girl's Mahoko Imai-chan, or Maho-chan for short) Ema: (She's my best friend, and we're always together at school) Ema: (By the way, the nickname “Hina” came from “Hinata”) Mahoko: How's your new life.

大きな感謝! from the story Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink[FIXING] by otakuwaii with reads. translation, otome, otomegame. I work really hard for each chapter translation to be fully-understandable and if not, I apologize since I am only a teenager after all, and although I love writing in english, it is not my first. Un:Birthday Song English Translation - Recruiting Translators + In need of ROM Hacker for BroCon. estearisa: image. Hello guys its been a while since I made a sort of update on tumblr. As you probably already know, my full english patch for Re:Birthday Song has been released! Woohoo! After translating this game, I feel . Brothers conflict passion pink english translation. Click here to download. Brothers conflict passion pink. Conflicts only occur when you have two or more guys in love with you. when you go on dates / sleep in another guy s room, the one with the highest affection. Brothers conflict passion pink is an adventure game.

Feb 23, All the games listed requires getting the game and then putting in the English Patch yourself which. Brothers Conflict (PSP). After her mom re-married, Ema moved into Going on with their lives, the brother's feelings for Ema change and the start of a same roof forbidden romance begins. The translations. Basic Information Title: Brothers Conflict Passion Pink, Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue Publisher: Idea Factory, Otomate (official site here) Pl. Sep 30, The translation project for Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink is officially at 79%! After its' completion, the team will be working on Brilliant Blue as well. They are currently seeking team members;.


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