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Humminbird down imaging download

Humminbird down imaging

Get a fish-eye's view of what's happening below your boat with Humminbird® Down Imaging®. These incredible images are created with high frequency sound waves emitted in ultra-thin slices. The sonar returns from these waves produce a “portrait.” As you patrol the water, you'll watch fish, reefs, timber, brush, bridge. Mar 2, How to find your fishing spots with your Aqua-Vu Posted on June 02, I use sonar to find fish every time I go out but sometimes the fish can hide. Two good examples are boulders and steep drop-offs. The sonar beam is reflected off the bottom on steep drops and off the boulders and the fish can't be. Jun 30, Humminbird down imaging. This image shows 2 bait balls in weeds (yellow and green arrows) that the 2D sonar looks like weeds. Humminbird ONIX. This image looks like stacked fish because of the arches but it is a common when you have posts or trees. Lowrance DownScan. On this image the bait ball.

Humminbird Down Imaging 6/22/14 On June 22, Weeds mean any vegetation that grows form the bottom to me. I think of weeds as the major food basket of the lake and that means my fish will live there at some time during the season. Panfish, walleyes, bass and many other species populate weeds and. Feb 2, Nobody knows % for sure what is inside a SI ducer except for those @ Humminbird and anyone who has personally cut one open. Does it strictly have 2 beams? Was Humminbird creative enough to have a 3rd beam inside with the intent of doing down imaging? I don't know the answers to these. My current Lowrance and Humminbird units doesn't show fish in this shallow of water. No need to go through the cost and effort to switch to the down imaging units if they aren't any better. I have never owned or seen a down imaging sonar unit in action so I'm not sure what it gives you except what appears.

The both use high-frequency SONAR waves to give a very detailed picture. Normal transducers operate at 50/83/ kHz, but down imaging and side imaging transducers operate much higher, at or kHz. Note: Humminbird calls their technology Down Imaging and Side Imaging, Lowrance calls theirs DownScan.


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