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Inno setup jre

25 Apr I was able to figure out the issue: Evidently I was mistaken in my use of these lines: Source: "jre-8uwindows-xexe"; DestDir: "{tmp}\"; Check: IsWin64 AND InstallJava(); Source: "jre-8uwindows-iexe"; DestDir : "{tmp}\"; Check: (NOT IsWin64) AND InstallJava();. and they should have. 6 Aug I use Inno Setup to create my install wizard. My install wizard checks if the user has the minimum required version of the JRE installed. If he does, it installs just my program. If he does not have the minimum required version of the JRE, my install wizard asks if he wants to install it, and if so, installs the JRE. 9 Dec Description. I looked at Simple installer with JRE check and had trouble figuring it out and/or getting it to work. So, I figured it out and (IMHO) improved upon it. You need two files: , and both are below. The Script. ; Taken from http:// by.

26 Dec Java - Bundle JRE inside executable file - Launch4j and Inno Setup. This is the first of a serie of two posts about how to launch a desktop java application from a web browser. In this case I´ll work in a desktop app because it has to be able to access local resources in the user PC (for example, applets could. 30 May I think the install4j executable will also tell them to install the JRE if absent, which is nice (though ideally, the installer should do that for you, and, ideally, I guess the installer should detect the correct location of or and use that instead, but InnoSetup doesn't by default–since it's bit itself. 9 May Use a native installer to bundle the JRE files along with the application files. Use a native installer to bundle only the application files and download and copy the JRE files from a web server during the course of the installation. I will be demonstrating both methods below. I used Inno Setup installer for.

6 Oct I updated my build script (an ant script) to include an fx:deploy task, and within a few hours, I was building my jars, creating a folder structure that looked like it contained the necessary JRE, and felt like I was on my way to success. I started work with Inno Setup, packaged up all the assets that were arrayed. How do I change the icon of ? Can Inno Setup do a conditional installation - for example, proceed only if a certain registry key or file exists? Is it possible to do a silent install without using the /SILENT or /VERYSILENT command-line parameters? Can Setup use the value of a registry entry as the default directory.


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